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Living at Depok

Indonesia, where Gunadarma University resides, is located in Asia—more precisely in South East Asia. The country, which has more than 17.000 islands and has more than two hundred millions people, is known as a multicultural country whose people live in harmony with its natural environment as well as its beautiful natural sceneries. Jakarta, a metropolitan city with its close to ten million populations, is the capital city of Indonesia. Gunadarma University, one out of approximately 2700 private universities in the country, instead of located in Jakarta, is located at the City of Depok, which is administratively part of the Province of West Java. However, it is situated within 20 kilometers south of Jakarta. The city is relatively close to Jakarta, which has a rich cultural life with plenty of entertainment and leisure activities.

A ief description of Jakarta and Depok

Jakarta is a metropolitan , a business and service city which cover around 650 km2. Various ethnics and nationalities live in harmoniously and peacefully in the city bordered by Java sea. The fast growth of various business centers, hotels, and apartments, recreation centers, government offices, education facilities, and other public facilities makes Jakarta as the main barometer of national development. Jakarta is surrounded by two big satellite cities namely Depok and Bekasi city. These cities are located in tropical and humid area and their temperature are around 24 degree Celsius. Rainy season occurs from October to April and Dry season started from April to October.

Several campuses of Gunadarma Universities are located in Depok and Bekasi, which can be reached by train for 30 minutes from Jakarta. Depok is a comfortable and environmental friendly education city that is populated around 100 thousand students out of total population numbers. The concentration of student’s life is on Margonda Raya Street that become the landmark and boulevard of Depok City. The campus location of Gunadarma University is supported by various public facilities in the surroundings of Depok City Center which supports 24 hours students life.

The availability of student apartments, shopping centers, easy and low cost transportation, and low cost of living makes Depok the main destination of education in Indonesia.

Living in Depok.

The campus's surroundings is completed with various food choices and cozy places to hang-out that is available for 24 hours Margonda Raya Street. Traditional and international food menus with reasonable price are served in Depok.

ICT-based teaching-and-learning processes and academic information services are one of the specific characteristics of UG. This is in line with its vision ”to become a leading ICT-based university”. UG has 10 campuses which are located in several strategic locations and are spread in the Metropolitan City of Jakarta and its surroindings. All campuses are connected by both Intranet and Internet networks. With Internet networks having capacity of 21 Mbps which are used, among others, for video conference and being supported by fiber optics network systems, fixed wireless, and the UG-Hot Zone, UG applies teaching-and-learning processes utilizing virtual class and virtual laboratory. Academic information services have been equipped by student digital locker, free-internet lounge, UG-mobile, as well as by an Internet-based Job Placement and Career Development Center.


Contact Person : Mr. Dr. rer.nat. I Made Wiryana

Lulu Mawaddah, ST., MMSI., MSC

email : mwiryana@staff.gunadarma.ac.id


Mail Address:

Jl. Margonda Raya 100

Depok, 16424